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Do you often feel anxious, afraid and have a low self-esteem? Or do you permanently search for proving yourself in many activities in life? Do you have another unsuccessful relationship, lost friendship or have become addicted? The source of all these phenomena can be your past, especially everything which is connected with your family situation. Maybe when you were a child or a teenager, you did not experience the unconditional love of your parents, you did not feel their support and warmth. Maybe the reason for that is the abuse or addiction to alcohol of one or both parents. Maybe your mother and father were in the emotional or law divorce, maybe they betrayed each other or one of your parent was constantly absent in your life.

You are not lonely with such past because it is estimated that around 40% of Poles can be ascribed to the group of alcoholics’ adult children. These people grew up in families in which one or both parents abused the alcohol or were addicted to it. Apart from that group, there are also a few percent of people who were growing up in families with another dysfunctions, who have had similar difficulties in life like these people from alcoholic families.

As a result, that website and book were created for you: "Spread Your Wings" (2009 polish ver., 2015 english ver.). On the website you can download the full version of e-book "Spread Your Wings" FOR FREE! I encourage you to read the testimonies of the people who experienced the similar hardship as you did and how they have overcome their problems. At the beginning, it seems to be tough but I know that it is worth undertaking that path in order to spread your wings.

Priest PhD Grzegorz Polok, University of Economics in Katowice (Poland)

For these of you who will be brave enough to deal with their past, I recommend the support in the form of the prayer to Mother of God: Novena to Our Lady Undoer of Knots (pdf).

You can do a test in order to see what difficulties you have as wellclick here - test online.

Translated by Monika Piecha